Tuesday, May 22, 2007

how Vivek gained perspective and became a poet

Vivek: dude i feel humbled
The: well guess what... everyday when i'm talking stupid with you latenights, i'm talking to her simultaneously as well... she doesn't affect my mind too much now...
Vivek: i realize i am not as cool as i though i was its given me a dose of perspective theres so much i dont know and so much more to learn , i have been positivly been a moron wasting my life, and its not just her its look at all the others too, i mean i cant even answer a simple question on relativity anymore and to think i took up commerce coz i had problem with 11th phy
i havent even managed to pass my 12th commerce yet even though its more of not attended the exam than fail, but i thought i was an awesome guy whon noone could beat in a argument or be sarcistic like, it had all gone to my head i take it i needed perspective
i really feel humbled
and hence will show more respect to anyone from now on
The: :|
Vivek: ?
The: all this JUST by knowing (next to) Nothing about her??
Vivek: its not bout her
its the turn of events in the evening
The: what else?
Vivek: that is taking nothing away from her
its just the whole argument
bout that poem
i know i never would have stood a chance anywhere
and also the light thing i got confused about
The: i'll show you another extract of my chat
wait a minute
Vivek: and then reflecting back to how i was an year before to what has become of me now
that hurt me the most
ive become egoistic and insufferable
an assole
and what i was is gone the pride i held bout myself...that myself doesnt even exist anymore
hello u listning?
The: yup
Vivek: ull never get another chance like this
The: contemplating
Vivek: hence
i conclude i needed some perspective
and now that ive got one
i dont know what to do with it
The: it is now that you've start being an asshole
Vivek: im sorry for my ignorance
and infinite dumbness of mine that u have had to suffer
The: :|
acting dumb is fun
it always was
Vivek: its different from being dumb
The: your dumbness makes me love you even more :P
Vivek: and an act for me has become reality
Sent at 1:33 AM on Wednesday
Vivek: swell in the head where did u come from?
where did i lose all that i had?
when did this act become true?
when did i start living my part?
i wake as a baby and i dont know where i am
what has become of what that was?
perspective i lost and insufferable i became...
i hope today this day that all will change....
ahem u there?
i decided to become a poet today :P


Clueless said...

i conclude i needed some perspective
and now that ive got one
i dont know what to do with it

this line is the gist of the conversation..

42 said...

overall such a gay post :P