Monday, July 9, 2007

im still working on why man is different from animals so far ive only got upto "man is more destructive" as that agent said in the matrix humans display a behavior more like a virus than like a mammal, i totally agree with him. it seems like no one is really interested anymore in the higher values of love caring and sharing, of humanity...a culture of oneness and togetherness, along with a sense of individuality and respect towards other peoples choices and a universal acceptance of all kinds of behavior, rather than a society of cruelty and enforced rules, a society whose culture is making more money criticizing everyone else standing to pathetically lame beliefs, with amazing narrow mindedness nobody seems to realize that they are ALL going to die someday!!!!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

I wanna go......ASAP!!!

babes this oct i pass 12th (atleast attempt to do so) and im joining call centre next month ....then off to NEPAL!!!!!!!!!
what the fuck.. you're not continuing studies?
wish i had 4k now i leave in 15mins :P
well im passing 12th
then i really dont care where life takes me
life is what you make.
don't be a jerk and waste time ok :)
i MAY come back in 15days or never at all
hell whats wasting time??
u think trying to earn money after spending half of ur life reading tect books u could never even care about isnt wasting time?
i think that qualifies for wasting time more than tripping in himalayas does
yeah whatever.
go be a loser.
define a loser
if its a person who doesnt give a fuck and wants to leave all the chaos and be peaceful is a loser the i proudly am
what chaos my dear? :)
and ironically enough i dont even know if im wake up tommorow hence i think life takes u...u just choose to tag along
hmm.....not chaos
more like restrictions
more like society
which sucks
i dont want to leave here
i just want to be some place else
and thats nepal
i wanna be a free bird
you already are a free bird dumbo... freedom is not in your actions.
thats true
but i cant yet live that knowledge
yeah I am not a hippie you got a problem with that?
welll u know the world is an illusion then why do u still do kriya??
you are living it. you freely are making a choice of not living it,
it's your free will that chose it.
because its just intellect telling u havent experienced it

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

how Vivek gained perspective and became a poet

Vivek: dude i feel humbled
The: well guess what... everyday when i'm talking stupid with you latenights, i'm talking to her simultaneously as well... she doesn't affect my mind too much now...
Vivek: i realize i am not as cool as i though i was its given me a dose of perspective theres so much i dont know and so much more to learn , i have been positivly been a moron wasting my life, and its not just her its look at all the others too, i mean i cant even answer a simple question on relativity anymore and to think i took up commerce coz i had problem with 11th phy
i havent even managed to pass my 12th commerce yet even though its more of not attended the exam than fail, but i thought i was an awesome guy whon noone could beat in a argument or be sarcistic like, it had all gone to my head i take it i needed perspective
i really feel humbled
and hence will show more respect to anyone from now on
The: :|
Vivek: ?
The: all this JUST by knowing (next to) Nothing about her??
Vivek: its not bout her
its the turn of events in the evening
The: what else?
Vivek: that is taking nothing away from her
its just the whole argument
bout that poem
i know i never would have stood a chance anywhere
and also the light thing i got confused about
The: i'll show you another extract of my chat
wait a minute
Vivek: and then reflecting back to how i was an year before to what has become of me now
that hurt me the most
ive become egoistic and insufferable
an assole
and what i was is gone the pride i held bout myself...that myself doesnt even exist anymore
hello u listning?
The: yup
Vivek: ull never get another chance like this
The: contemplating
Vivek: hence
i conclude i needed some perspective
and now that ive got one
i dont know what to do with it
The: it is now that you've start being an asshole
Vivek: im sorry for my ignorance
and infinite dumbness of mine that u have had to suffer
The: :|
acting dumb is fun
it always was
Vivek: its different from being dumb
The: your dumbness makes me love you even more :P
Vivek: and an act for me has become reality
Sent at 1:33 AM on Wednesday
Vivek: swell in the head where did u come from?
where did i lose all that i had?
when did this act become true?
when did i start living my part?
i wake as a baby and i dont know where i am
what has become of what that was?
perspective i lost and insufferable i became...
i hope today this day that all will change....
ahem u there?
i decided to become a poet today :P

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Why now?

I could keep asking that to myself and i still would never have an answer.
A subtle persuasion from my brain to go ahead and make a blog was never enough, a determined and..................................

oh well nevermind now ill just type somthing later Namrata detroyed the great creative flow that was surging through me by barfing on yahoo