Monday, July 9, 2007

im still working on why man is different from animals so far ive only got upto "man is more destructive" as that agent said in the matrix humans display a behavior more like a virus than like a mammal, i totally agree with him. it seems like no one is really interested anymore in the higher values of love caring and sharing, of humanity...a culture of oneness and togetherness, along with a sense of individuality and respect towards other peoples choices and a universal acceptance of all kinds of behavior, rather than a society of cruelty and enforced rules, a society whose culture is making more money criticizing everyone else standing to pathetically lame beliefs, with amazing narrow mindedness nobody seems to realize that they are ALL going to die someday!!!!!!

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Clueless said...

man is the most borin creature to hav ever existed on this planet.
, n all he wants is to seek refuges