Saturday, January 19, 2008

the misty colors detach themselves from the plane,
they rise and float, an origami of shapes,
redecorating perception, redefining senses,
walking me through realities, hitherto unknown,
sensation disjointed, colors i now hear,
i feel and smell the flashes of sharp contrast,
emotions fly through doors of mental orgasm,
vivid impressions and imagery come and go as i wish,
and then all that there is fades,
no light, no darkness as i float senseless,
a sweet numbness touches me,
rising into the infinite void, I am complete,
with certainty i now know, that i am finally free........


Malvika said...

..... free with strings unattached
bathing the glory light from above and beyond ... till the darkness unfound

hellraiser said...

"I don't care for this world anymore
I just want to live my own fantasy
Faith has brought us to these shores
What was meant to be is now happening" - IM.