Friday, February 8, 2008

i want to dance naked under the moon around an intense bonfire, under the stars next to the trees, next to the haunting sounds of the jungle, in the wilderness, in the aliveness in the heart of life itself, with wild drums and wild guitar, i want to lie in my own sweat and blood as i feel pain and the intensity of life, i wanna see the smoke reaching for the moon in a kind of wild mischievous and graceful way

i dont see the point in going on day after day in this mundane society convincing myself of a purpose living the same mechanical life over and over again, as days go by i look back and i see a blank void that fills my heart
i look in the mirror reflecting my own glorious madness , the boiling blood of life and spirit slowly fade away like the dusty embers in a dying fire, the embers heat up again as a gentle wind blows and in sheer desperation they glow for the last time to feel and live once more
to break away from bondages and fly, to be the fire once again that would light for the will to live for the subtle life that flows around
to jump and to run, to fly and to drink from a cool shiny pond

and i lay here stuck in my own mind a sort of golden cage, gold lusting me to stay slowly crippling my wings and the ability to fly away forever


madman said...

half of ur post is wat the deal of this world being an illusion is all about,
its not that the world is not real or that its fake n all that, n the mundane is crap n U need to do somethng else. the deal U gotta identify the mundane as mundane, once U do that everything is real!!

if you want to be, then everything is here now, there is nothing more.

nicely put by osho as
" existence has only one tense, i.e. present tense "

malvika said...

uh just dont use a zippo ever ... okay ?
AND get a life

Puppet said...

Kill the bitch...

Kill 'em all...